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30th September 2002

Spent Sunday at Santa Pod Drag Strip for one of the last events of the year. Very interesting and something I'd recommend people go and see just once. The cars to see are the Top Fuel cars - cars which pack over 6000bhp and use £ 400 worth of fuel each run.

The most powerful car yesterday was a 3000bhp methanol powered car - this does the 1/4 mile in 5.5 seconds and crosses the line at over 250mph (from a standing start)

New steering wheel arrived today - it is a MOMO Shuttle 350, and was fitted to the limited edition Lotus Esprit V8 Sport 350 (only 50 cars made). Lotus were selling surplus stock at a good price (abour £ 60) so I bought one...

posted by Andrew on 19:22 - 30/09/02

17th September 2002

Beadblasted exhaust manifold, cleaned cam belt cover.

Here are some shots of the passenger side floor and the offside of the front body compartment that I cleaned over last weekend. The small amount of welding to the front body section is clearly evident.

passenger side footwell after Dinitrol applied offside of front compartment

posted by Andrew on 19:46 - 17/09/02

16th September 2002

Dinitrol RC800 has dried. Just requires a light sanding prior to priming & painting to make a key.

Have four cylinder heads with unknown camshaft profiles to map - two Montecarlo heads with top mounted distributor, one of which was the 'race' head so may have had porting work and uprated cams fitted at some point. Will map the others at the same time which will help identify the unknown one..

Put sump back into Jizer tank to soak and remove any final deposits that had softened. Will use Nitromors paint stripper on the outside of the sump to remove the Hammerite finish - cannot beadblast it as the risk of getting bead in the oil system is too much of a risk.

posted by Andrew on 19:38 - 16/09/02

15th September 2002

Stripped paint using MBX wheel to the passenger side floor up to sill height. As there was some rust (one or two small areas to repair, I put some Dinitrol RC800 rust converter. This stabilises any corrossion.

Stripped more paint of the inside of the front body compartment and used Dinitrol on that as well.

posted by Andrew on 19:29 - 15/09/02

13th September 2002

Fitted new accelerator pump diaphragms to the carburettors. Beadblast cam covers. Degrease oil filter housing, oil cooler sandwich plate and various bolts.

Found some spare carb bits in amongst the spares with the car - 35mm chokes, spare main jets, air corrector jets, emulsion tubes and idle jets.

posted by Andrew on 21:26 - 13/09/02

12th September 2002

Used compress air to clear out any stubborn dirt and water that hadn't drained out. Have built up the carburettors as much as possible.

The choke mecahnisms have been left off in order to clean them. New accelerator pump diaphragms and the corresponding gaskets are required.

posted by Andrew on 19:11 - 12/09/02

11th September 2002

Removed the carburettor castings from the chemical dip. Wash off thoroughly with water, use toothbrush to remove any deposits which didn't completely come off and leave to dry.

Carbs are ready to be rebuilt tomorrow.

posted by Andrew on 22.38 - 11/09/02

10th September 2002

Beadblasted the Alquati inlet manifold - brings it up a treat.

Strip down carburettors, measure float heights and record. Strip all the way to empty castings. Dip castings in chemical cleaner overnight. These should bring up the shells to an as new appearance. Will have to source a couple of new 'o' rings which have perished and a few gaskets.

Have broken flange on water casting repaired.

Degrease first of my two sumps - apart from the fact its covered in hammerite on the outside, and someone previously had used too much nasty instant gasket its fine, apart from one or two little dents in places hard to get at. The Montecarlo sump has a windage tray, and a superior design of baffle and trapdoors to prevent oil surge.

Degrease oil pump.

posted by Andrew on 19.08 - 10/09/02

9th September 2002

Remove filter cases and Weber 40 DCNF carburettors from Alquati inlet manifold. Clean manifold and prepare for bead blasting.

Check carbs - appear clean inside, note sizes of venturis, jets for reference. Clean some of the muck off the outside of the carb, will strip properly at a later date.

Notice that one of the cast water tubes (tav 31 # 19) has a broken flange - broken some time by the look of the metal. Gasket #12 is torn.

Oil pump turns nicely and smoothly.

2 x 40DCNFs, Alquati manifold
Guy Croft stage 2 suggestions
my setup
Main Jets...
Air Corrector Jets...
Idle Jets...
Emulsion tubes...
Venturi (Chokes)...
Auxiliary Venturi...
Starter Jet...
posted by Andrew on 21.11 - 09/09/02

7th and 8th September 2002

Wet weather puts any idea of spending the day scraping paint away outside on hold. Collect some parts for cleaning at home. Put some loft flooring in...

posted by Andrew on 21.11 - 09/09/02

6th September 2002

My new lightweight rear bumper arrived this afternoon. Kevlar wasn't available, but they have made a lightweight version for me, but with reinforcing around the mountings and in certain areas to make it rigid. First impressions look good - nice smooth gelcoat. I'll offer it up to the car over the weekend to see what its like.

posted by Andrew on 11.01 - 06/09/02

4th September 2002

Found a source of carbon fibre / kevlar front and rear wings... Tempting isn't it!

My new bumper is ready today. I have given instructions to have it collected tomorrow and delivered to me for the end of the week.

posted by Andrew on 00.26 - 06/09/02

1st September 2002

Finish fitting workbench... Seems very good so far...

Need to 'find' rest of garage in order to get the car home where it is easier to work on it. Must start by getting some loft flooring!

posted by Andrew on 11.01 - 01/09/02


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