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29th November 2004

Stewart has tacked in the new n/s front floor pan, and this will be finished shortly. Once this has been done, the drivers front floorpan will be cut out and repaired, and then the rear part of the floor has some holes to repair.

Then its a quick check all over to find any areas missing, and then its a question of getting the car ready to paint.

posted by Andrew

28th November 2004

I've finally finished my task of removing all the old underseal. The shot blasting process removed some, but was ineffective in many areas, especially the wheelarch areas which were thickly sprayed with sealant. The easiest way was to use a hot air gun and a scraper to remove the worst, and then a sanding disc mounting in an electric drill to clean up the remnants.

posted by Andrew

15th November 2004


Front wings, rear wings, bumpers, bonnets etc.,

Made from high quality GRP with good gelcoat finish. Lightweight version for fast road / race / rally available.

Will ship worldwide...

posted by Andrew

15th November 2004

More work around radiator duct and headlamp area.

posted by Andrew

13th November 2004

Scrape underseal from one of the wheelarches. Just one left to do now...

posted by Andrew

12th November 2004

Some side panels have been made for the radiator ducting. More work around the headlamp hinge area and nearside headlamp

posted by Andrew

9th November 2004

Some progress over the last few days.

Firstly the offside headlamp has been finished, as has the offside section of the front bumper mounting beam. There is less to do to the nearside headlamp mountings, but there is a knock in the crossbeam behind the bumper to repair.

The plan is to modify the radiator housing to duct hot air out and over the car, in the same way that an 037, Stratos, Ford GT40 or Lotus Elise does. To do this, the radiator duct which normally forces air down and under was cut along the top edge and the two side edges. This was then pushed back by about 30 degrees to create a duct forcing the air up. Some new side panels will be made and an extension to bring the new section up to bonnet height will be made.

The bonnet will have an exit duct cut into the outer skin, and protected either mesh or a louvres.

There was some rot in the upper crossbeam between the headlamps, where the bonnet hinges would normally mount. A section is being cut out, and a new section will be welded in place.

All this couldn't be done without the help from Stewart, who has been helping me with the welding and body repairs.

I also found a brochure for a 037 replica which I would like to find more information on. Its called the "Rallye Junior" and was made in Scotland, Livingston in West Lothian to be precise. The name on the back is Russell-Kerr Products and the brochure is a 4 page A4 colour folder.

I al

posted by Andrew

2nd November 2004

There are a number of very interesting, non standard Montecarlos being finished off. I'd love to hear about them. Send me details!

posted by Andrew

2nd November 2004

Finish repairs to offside headlamp area and work along front edge of car.

A pair of vgc rear brake calipers arrive.

I've ordered some new rear wings, a new front bumper and some other parts

posted by Andrew

1st November

Repairs to offside headlamp panels

posted by Andrew

31st October 2004

Spend time underneath car with hot air gun and a scraper. All the underside, apart from some areas in each wheelarch and a small area behind the radiator are now devoid of underseal.

posted by Andrew

26th October 2004

More bodywork... Drivers side floor pan may be cut out this evening.

Have located a pair of rear brake calipers

posted by Andrew

24th October 2004

I continue to remove the underseal. I found that a hot air gun and a scraper works quite well, and then a sanding disc in a drill gets the residue off nicely.

The exposed metal has been treated to stop corrossion starting. I also vacuumed out the bottom of the A-pillers which had about 3 inches of sand in them - a result of the sand blasting process, and also from the central undercar duct and the area that the steering column mounts in.

Next week I will be having a pair of rear wings made and a new front bumper.

posted by Andrew

23rd October 2004

The front end of the nearside sill received some further attention, and the front passenger floorpan has been cut out.

posted by Andrew

20th October 2004

Repairs continue to offside side. Meanwhile using a hot air gun I start removing stubburn underseal from the nearside front inner wheelarch.

Have to make a final decision on colour scheme shortly. So, is it:

a) Martini colour scheme
b) Montecarlo turbo swirly livery
c) something else...?>

posted by Andrew

19th October 2004

Repairs continue to offside sill, mainly at the front edge.

posted by Andrew

14th October 2004

Wheelarch extension kit arrives. Have temporarily refitted the GRP wings, and very temporarily (with duct tape) attached the new extension panels. I obtained these from Omicron (

posted by Andrew

11th-12th October 2004

More repairs to rear crossmember, also repairs to offside. Still to do: front floor pans, LH & RH, o/s sill, below the headlamps and around the radiator.

posted by Andrew

7th October 2004

Make some repairs to the rear crossmember, and finish making some sill repair pieces

posted by Andrew

4th October 2004 & 5th October 2004

Repairs continue to grotty bits of bodywork

posted by Andrew

3rd October 2004

I spent the afternoon dressing less than neat welds that were done last time this car had any bodywork done. Am using an angle grinder for this. I also spent a long time getting rid of old underseal that the blast cleaning process missed. A heat gun and scraper worked well for this, as did an abrasive disk held in an electric drill.

posted by Andrew

2nd October 2004

More welding. Working around from the rear down the passenger side.

posted by Andrew

1st October 2004

Repairs start to the shell. First area to be cut out and replaced is the LH side of the shelf over the exhaust.

posted by Andrew
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