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September 2005

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November 2003

Have stripped out another engine - the crank on this is in VGC. No need to regrind. Is now sitting in a cleaning bath. The core plugs will be removed and replaced with threaded plugs

Now own moulds for many Montecarlo panels and also tooling to make sidedraught manifolds

posted by Andrew

October 2003

Have been stripping out what is left on the car in order to get the car shotblasted. It will then be primed to protect paint, and then rust can be attended to.

Have bought moulds to make some panels - front bumper, rear bumper, front bonnet, under car duct, sports front bumper, quad headlamps etc..

Bought a engine igntion and starter button :-)

First spare crank has scored journals. I have another...

posted by Andrew

September 2003

A batch of nuts and bolts and other steel items have been sent for plating. A second batch is ready to go.

Cylinder head has been skimmed. Slightly larger inlet valves and sodium cooled exhaust valves are ready to be re-fitted. Valve seats have been cut to 46°. Valves need checking and head requires final clean and throurough flushing before ready to be reassembled.

The block has been bored to 84.4mm (0.4mm oversize). A set of high compression pistons have been located and are ready for fitting. Con-rods have to be cleaned, checked for twist and balanced.

One crankshaft has been put on one side, a number of journals require attention. Am checking my spare crank to see if that requires anything doing to it.

Have sourced a pair of sports camshafts from someone. They were worn out which is not what they had lead me to believe. Am pretty annoyed about this...

Carburettors have been rebuilt and are on one side, along with air filters

A new radiator has been located on Ebay, my old one required re-coring.

PARTS FOR SALE (amongst other parts)

1 pair rear lamp units
1 rear grille unit
1 pairs headlamps
1 rear wing, complete, new Lancia panel (can't recall which one)
1 pair standard camshafts

posted by Andrew on 22.00 01/09/03
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