Monte drawing by Michael Ward - order via Omicron
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25th-29th November 2002

Spend a week in sunny Barcalona. Saw a handful of Lancias - a couple of Ypsilons and a couple of older Deltas

posted by Andrew on 21:43 - 16/12/02

14th November 2002

Received a series 1 Montecarlo brochure that I bought from someone in London over the Ebay auction service.

I won two auctions so have another one coming. If you would like to buy my spare one, make me an offer...

posted by Andrew on 22:12 - 14/11/02

6th November 2002

Possible Martini effect - this is a Delta HF Turbo ie Martini bonnet stripe - as made by Omicron. The version I am considering applying will be 30% bigger in all directions, so should cover the noseband and the scuttle nicely. This decal has been computer enhanced (original still has the protective backing on it) and it hasn't been attached.

The Delta Martini kit stripes down each flank can also be used, but would also require scaling up slightly. Much easier than masking and painting - and easily replaceable if required. What do you think?


Martini Monte

This photograph is from a book on Pininfarina, who not only styled the Montecarlo, but also built it as well.

Montecarlo leaping - minimal tyre wear


posted by Andrew on 20:54 - 06/11/02

3rd November 2002

Removed rear lights and rear grille panel. Stripped paint from LH rear quarter of engine bay and primed.

Existing rear panel and rear lights will hopefully not be refitted, as I plan twin round rear lights with a mesh centre section. Just in case I change my mind, I will adapt wiring so they are interchangable.

Checked damage to car in the heavy winds. Aluminium engine cover is slightly bent, but nothing that can't be straightened.

Jobs over the next few weeks include: stripping and priming RH rear quarter of engine bay. Removing rear bumper and attacking underneath. New rear bumper can then be test fitted. The engine, gearbox and fuel tank can be removed shortly, then I can get inside the engine bay and get the rear bulkhead and the lower of the engine bay repaired and in primer.

I also have to do the driver side of the cockpit interior. Then I can look at painting engine bay satin black once a few areas have been repaired, likewise cockpit and front body compartment.

A job very soon will have to be to remove the rear window and to refit it with some sort of rubber sealant - at the minute its just perspex sheet without any sealing at all.

posted by Andrew on 22:32 - 03/11/02


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