Monte drawing by Michael Ward - order via Omicron
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17th July 2005

The car was taken to the Lancia AGM at Eastwood Hall in Nottingham as a rolling shell.

There must have been 15 other Montecarlos there, but also some rally treats - 2 037's in rally trim, a Delta S4 and a Stratos as well. All these came from Italy with Sig Volta and Pianta, who also brought the twin engined Beta Trevi Volumex. A Delta S4 (in road trim) came from the UK as well.

In order to get to this stage, the car had to be put back on its wheels, which meant stripping down, cleaning and repainting the suspension.

posted by Andrew

3rd June 2005

The car has now been moved out of the paint shop back to where most of the work has been done. This meant moving the car outdoors for the first time since the paintwork was done. Its very bright!

The doors have been fitted, mesh fitted to be bonnet slots and 037 scoops. New bonnet pins fitted.

The first job is to get the car on its wheels again. Most of the suspension is ready to refit, but some has yet to be cleaned and painted.

posted by Andrew

20th May 2005

Picture of car with bonnet on. Bonnet pins being fitted. Mesh being cut for scoops and radiator outlet

These photographs, under floursecent light do not do the white justice...

FOR SALE: 1 pair of US Scorpion solid type sail panels (aka rear buttress panels).

Also my custom valves for the big valve head have arrived.

posted by Andrew

20th April 2005

Rear view of car.

Over the past few weeks all the body panels have been trial fitted, adjusted for best fit, keyed, primed and eventually painted. The colour - white.

A new door skin was made in Aluminium and bonded to the door frame, the other door skin was improved (already aluminium skinned).

posted by Andrew
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