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12th March 2005

Here are some pictures of the shell before cleaning and preparing for paint

posted by Andrew

12th March 2005

Remove excess anti-rust protection from front wheelarches and nose section. Paint with a primer.

posted by Andrew

10th March 2005

Car moves from where it is to paintshop

posted by Andrew

23rd February 2005

All joints have been sealed with sealant

posted by Andrew

22nd February 2005

New windscreen arrives

posted by Andrew

12th-20th February 2005

Busy lighting "Alice - The Musical"

posted by Andrew

8th February 2005

The cylinder head is back from having a new valve seat fitted. I wasn't happy with one seat due to a machining error behind the seat, and a gap between the side of the seat and the head. The seat was removed, and the head built up with weld, then machined down and a new seat fitted. Am waiting for a set of valves to be made.

Most of the welds have been dressed. Many of the joints and seams have been covered in a waterproof sealant.

posted by Andrew

30th January 2005

All the welding has now been done to the shell. There are a few welds to dress with a grinder.

I beadblasted the shock absorber stem shrouds - these protect the stem from grit and dirt. They are now ready for priming and painting.

posted by Andrew

26th January 2005

Collect cylinder head from having some aluminium welding done. Now off to have valve seats fitted. New valves have been ordered and these will be ready in about 6 weeks time.

Question - are there any good books on the Group 5 / Group 6 era of sportscar racing?

Progress Summary

Body - body repairs almost completed. most GRP exterior panels ready apart from 037 roof section and scoops.. One door skin to be made and fitted. Then prep for paint...
Engine - new valves being made, head being prepared, all other parts ready for assembly
Brakes - rear calipers ready, have to overhaul fronts and make new brake lines. Master Cylinder to be checked
Steering - new rack ends needed
Suspension - have to refurbish springs / dampers, Some bushes needed
Electrical - have to prune from wiring loom items not needed - ie radio wiring, heated rear window wiring, electric window system etc.,
Interior - Beta VX seats ready, harnesses ready. Want to make new dashboard
Wheels and Tyres - have 1 set of 14" S2 wheels with road tyres, 1 set of 14" S2 wheels with semi-race tyres, 1 set 13" S1 bowtie alloys with road tyres. All could do with stripping and refinishing.

For sale:
passenger door, complete less door card. Good condition
LH rear wing, factory panel - new
VX big valve head, ready to fit.

posted by Andrew

25th January 2005

There was a bend to the panel immediately behind the front bumper. This has been pulled out straight. Vacuum out car of griding debris. Sand from the shotblasting place still coming out of nooks and crannies.

More grinding...

Two reinforcing plates at where door pillar and A-post meet, removed, new ones made, and fitted.

posted by Andrew

21st January 2005

The rear of the drivers floorpan is finished. One of two little jobs required elsewhere. One on the front bulkhead where a pinhole appeared. One on the n/s front inner wing structure, and one or two others dotted around the place.

Then its just a case of dressing all the welds with an angle grinder to make them neater, and then rust proofing them.

posted by Andrew

18th January 2005

Collect all the nuts, bolts and fixings from the platers and sort it out!

The drivers seat mountings are now in. Some of the welds have been dressed. Not far to go with the shell now!

posted by Andrew

13th January 2005

Work continues to drivers seat mountings. The batch of plating has been taken to the plating company.

Meanwhile I collect a Beta Volumex (supercharged) version which was bought as a parts car for another car being repaired.

posted by Andrew

12th January 2005
Prepare for plating lots of bolts and fixings, mainly suspension and roll cage.
posted by Andrew

11th January 2005

Unfortunatley roof panel and 037 scoops haven't been shipped yet :-(

posted by Andrew

10th January 2005

Some reinforcing plates made up for the drivers seat mounts, but haven't been welded in yet.

posted by Andrew

7th January 2005

Stewart was repairing the final section of the floor pan, the rear section of the drivers side. The seat mounts need modifying and reinforcing as well.

Send off valves to be copied. The stems are worn slightly too much to be satisfied. Head has had new valve guides made and fitted and needs a new seat fitting - this is best done once a new guide has been fitted.

posted by Andrew

6th January 2005

Finish front section of drivers floor. All the rough welds are being left for a massive session with the angle grinder to neaten everything up.

posted by Andrew

5th January 2005

Work on front section of drivers floor

posted by Andrew

1st January 2005

Happy New Year!

posted by Andrew
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