Monte drawing by Michael Ward - order via Omicron
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Engine: In pieces, but largely ready for reassembly...
- block: thoroughly cleaned, primed and painted
- head: just need to lap valves in, measure cylinder head volumes etc., and rebuild. All parts ready
- cams: waiting for new ones to arrive. Standard ones ready
- pistons & rods: rods need to be balanced. Pistons ready
- sump: cleaned, primed and painted
- oil pump: cleaned and checked
- water pump: cleaned and checked
- carbs: cleaned and rebuilt (currently 40DCNFs on Alquati manifold)
- crank: new core plugs, balance with flywheel and clutch cover and pulley
- flywheel: have to select flywheel and clutch from spares, reface flywheel and balance with crankshaft.
- other fixtures and fittings have either been cleaned, painted where necessary, or replated.
- exhaust: CSC system ready

Transmission - standard (for now) - clean, check and refit. Driveshafts need checking.

Brakes: - all off-car bar discs and master cylinder. Have cleaned and painted or replated some components. Have to overhaul calipers

Suspension - currently on the car, but I envisage just cleaning, stripping, painting and refitting. New bushes likely to be required.

Steering - new track rod ends certainly required, steering rack boots probably needed and thats about it.

Body - the biggie...

Electrics: wiring loom largely in good condition, but many items will be pruned from it as no longer fitted to the car.

Trim: Have VX coupe seats ready to install. Dash - not a particular fan of the standard dash so looking at alternatives. Some exterior trim needs replacing.


posted by Andrew

29th January 2004

More snow!

Finished priming steering column and brake caliper brackets.

Remove core plugs from crankshaft. Clean out sludge behind, soak in degreasant and polish journals. Get crank ready to have core plugs drilled and tapped.

posted by Andrew

28th January 2004


Start priming steering column and brake caliper brackets.

Weigh connecting rods, 805g, 806g, 808g, 810g.

Order engine bearings - standard size mains, big ends and thrust washers. Auxiliary shaft bearing fine. No play in little end bushes so no need to replace them.

posted by Andrew

27th January 2004

Paint sump black.

Remove pistons from connecting rods. All old pistons not fit for re-use. New pistons already sourced.

posted by Andrew

26thJanuary 2004

Prime sump. Will be ready to paint tomorrow.

posted by Andrew

24th January 2004

Finish getting old paint from sump. Soak in a chemical bath to make sure any stubborn deposits, excess bead blast media and remnants of paint stripped has been cleaned off. Flush out thoroughly with water and leave to dry next to a heater.

Here is the block...

posted by Andrew
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