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February 2008

Long time since last update. Plenty of reasons which I won't go into here...

Finishing post is now in sight!

Engine - being test built now to check for clearances, primarily piston to valve clearances. Am using a big valve head, with fairly high lift rally cams, higher compression pistons, vernier cam pulleys, in head thermostat and so on. . Just finished machining the valve pockets on my pistons to accept the big valves. Will be running on Weber 45 DCOW carbs.

Gearbox - a Beta gearbox was modified to fit the Montecarlo - not the easiest job in the world! Ready for refitting.

Wiring - car has been rewired completely re-using many of the original connectors and fuse box. Many redundant circuits have been removed. A large box of wiring has been cut out, and many wires have been replaced.

Glazing - new polycarbonate windows have been made for rear bulkhead, rear quarterlights and doorglasses. Significantly lighter than glass.

Wheels - 14" Monte wheels have been refurbished in silver and the Yokohama tyres refitted. Wheel bolts have been replaced with a stud and nut conversion.

Dashboard - have made a completley new aluminium dashboard, using a matching set of Veglia dials that we acquired years ago. The dash and dash top have been painted satin black. Some supplementary instruments have been added. All new switches and warning lamps.

Brakes - just need a pair of rear calipers with the correct piston diameter (43mm in my case) with a handbrake cable attachment, and a new handbrake cable.

Fuel system - has been cleaned, repainted and refitted. Fuel filler neck mounted in the GRP rear wing and a neat bit of flexible fuel proof hose - much neater than the cobbled together arrangement originally fitted.

Rollcage - shot blasted and powdercoated in black.

Rear Grille - the original style grille and rear lights has been removed and replaced with aluminium mesh and 037 Gp. B rear lights.

Lighting - the Omicron quad-lamp conversion, Fiat 500 side winkers and 037 Gp. B rear lights.

So, what is left to do?

Fit the roll cage
• Bond in the windscreen and the polycarbonate side and rear bulkhead windows
• design and make a polycarbonate rear screen that will replace the engine cover (a la 037, but removable)
• Finish off the engine and attach gearbox
• Fit engine/gearbox in car.
• Refurb and refit driveshafts
• Modify gearlinkage to clear carbs
• Source & fit rear brake calipers & bleed system
• Fit new speedo cable (being custom made to suit my gearbox / instruments)
• make up some ducting to take air from one 037 style air intake to the oil cooler
• final fit of seats and harnesses (temporarily fitted, but needs to come out to fit cage.
• make up and fit a pair of number plates
• find some suitable front indicator lamps and number plate lamps
• make up a new front grille.
• MoT

and thats really about it, bar a complete bolt check and a rolling road session to fine tune the carburettors, and them a long process of road test driving to iron out any gremlins before we take it too the track.


posted by Andrew
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