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26th February 2004

Here are pictures of my bonnet

posted by Andrew

25th February 2004

Collected my lightweight GRP bonnet today.

Have yet to bond the two halves together, but it looks good and is quite light (6.5kgs)

posted by Andrew

24th February 2004

Went to see the bonnet which has just come out of the mould. Should be very light. Looks nice although edges need dressing. Photo soon...

I own moulds for the following Lancia Montecarlo parts:

front bonnet
front noseband (3 piece Euro type)
front noseband (single piece type)
front bumper (standard)
front bumper (LDD bodykit)
front bumper with 7" spotlights
rear bumper
rear bumper (LDD bodykit)
side skirts (LDD bodykit)
undercar air duct (front bumper to centre)

front wings, LH & RH
rear wings, LH & RH

"rally style" nose conversion
bonnet heater air intact ducts

rear engine lid spoiler

Pictures of the non-standard parts here

All are made professionally in grp. Lightweight versions or Carbon Fibre / Kevlar versions also made to order.

posted by Andrew

23rd February 2004

Come back from a weeks holiday to find a pair of steel billet race cams (with distributor skew gear) and my replacement front panel.

Fibreglass company should have my lightweight front bonnet ready this week too!

posted by Andrew

14th Feb - 22nd Feb 2004

Stage Manager for Rackheath Players Production of Cinderella


posted by Andrew

13th February 2004

Cam manufacturer says they can't supply any cams with the distributor drive slot in them. Argh! Then they say they can supply a pair of steel billet cams with the distributor drive gear. They only have one pair left. Same price too :-)

A model arrived from Ebay: Its one of the Fly GB slot cars, but is nicely detailed.

posted by Andrew

12th February 2004

New cams arrive. Yippee!

Then I notice they don't have the distributor drive slot. I knew they wouldn't have the distributor skew gear.

Take my bonnet mould to have a lightweight front bonnet made. Would like carbon fibre, but 4 times cost of grp. Maybe one day!

posted by Andrew

11th February 2004

Piston ring circlips arrive (I'd noticed one pair were missing and I'd prefer to use new ones)

Drill and tap crankshaft.

Next: Make up core plugs. Flush out crank. Then dowel and lighten flywheel, then balance all rotating masses.

posted by Andrew

10th February 2004

Send another batch of nuts, bolts and brackets to be plated. Ready at end of week.

Compile table of all engine fasteners, the sizes thereof and torque settings.

037 brochure arrives. Just because its got a tiny photo of an 037, it doesn't make a Delta brochure into an 037 brochure. Very annoyed! Thankfully seller has agreed to refund.

posted by Andrew

9th February 2004

Camshaft company finally get round to accepting my order!

Crankshaft main, big end and thrust bearings arrive.

Order a set of cutting tools to aid machining flywheel. They were on special offer and will come in useful for many other things.

posted by Andrew

6th February 2004

Make up a mounting jig to securely hold flywheel squarely in a lathe. Measure run out - 3 thou (of an inch). Decide on lightening modifications

posted by Andrew

5th February 2004

Start cleaning up three flywheels. Reject one as having scored surface. Other two OK.

posted by Andrew

4th February 2004

Die to cut thread on core plugs have arrived. Am using a thread which I think is more suitable than those other people have suggested. Already have suitable tap.

posted by Andrew

1st February 2004

Won auction on Ebay for a new front headlamp panel. Not 100% sure if I'll need it, if not, it will be for sale.

Also won an 037 sales brochure - although hasn't arrived yet.

posted by Andrew



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