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17th May 2003

Stripped down two cylinder heads. One has damaged area around one combustion chamber. Head is ready to be lightly faced. Valve guides OK. Block ready to bore. Have located pistons.

posted by Andrew on 15.07 01/02/03


Sorry for lack of updates. I have been very busy the past few months so have not had much time to devote to the car.

posted by Andrew on 15.07 01/02/03

11th February 2003

Pistons taken out of block - some pistons show sign of partial seizure. Some rings broken. Bore in poor condition. Rod bearings in poor condition. Main bearings appear look fine

posted by Andrew on 15.07 01/02/03

10th February 2003

Bores filled with penetrating fluid to help unsieze the engine

posted by Andrew on 15.07 01/02/03

9th February 2003

Seperate engine from gearbox, find clutch cover damaged. Flywheel removed and engine put on stand. Engine won't turn

posted by Andrew on 22:25 29/01/03
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