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29th December 2003

Remove O/S front brake caliper and brake lines. Remove O/S rear brake caliper. Clean ready for further overhaul. Remove drivers door. Remove front and rear anti - roll bars. Remove steering wheel, column stalks and steering column. Remove front half of roll cage. Remove dashboard.

Car is almost completely stripped apart from suspension, heater and some wiring. When fully stripped, car will be put on a dolly and shotblasted.

posted by Andrew

28th December 2003

Remove N/S front brake caliper and brake lines. Remove N/S rear brake caliper. Clean worst of dirt off ready for further dismantling. Remove N/S front antiroll bar. Disconnet N/S steering track rod end. Take off passengers side door.

posted by Andrew

27th December 2003

Moved several cars around to get the car indoors. Dried condensation off everything

posted by Andrew

23rd December 2003

Ordered Christmas Present - pair of rally/race camshafts.

posted by Andrew

6th December 2003

Attacked block and crankcase today with heavy duty angle grinder with a wire brush attachment. Rusting surface was quickly restored to a nice metal finish. Block was then put in cleaning bath and thoroughly washed inside and out - then thoroughly rinsed off with water and blown dry with compressed air.

The exterior surfaces have been primed for painting.

posted by Andrew
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