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31st August 2002

Start fitting workbench. Batteries in cordless drill run out, so have to finish tomorrow.

posted by Andrew on 11:01 - 01/09/02

29th August 2002

Workbench arrived today. Looks very nicely made. Visit for further details...

Am considering carbon fibre / kevlar front wings rather than the grp ones on the car at present...

Also on the planned body mods list is to convert the rear lights from Montecarlo spec to 037 Evolution style as illustrated (although with a rear bumper as per the 037 Evoluzione 1),

037 Evo II rear (again a model one!)

A double-bubble roof (possibly with roof vent) is also something I'd like to add to replace the aluminium pannelling that replaced the sunroof that was once fitted.

posted by Andrew on 21:57 - 29/08/02

28th August 2002

Bought something shiny for the car - new sporty gearlever knob!

posted by Andrew on 21:15 - 28/08/02

25th August 2002

Spent about 5 hours with an air powered MBX wheel grinding away the remains of the black hammerite and the gold paint in the front body section. When back to nice shiny metal, this was primed with a coat of corroless primer to protect it. Will make a start doing similar work in the passenger cabin - first will have to remove the roll-cage - something Emma can do whilst I strip paint!

front body compartment

Time spent working: myself - AGMC 8.0 hours, ELC 1.5 hours, total time - 9.5 hours

posted by Andrew on 21:15 - 25/08/02

21st August 2002

Went to Silverstone for a historic race meeting. In the paddock was a demonstration of a new fold up workbench. Was so impressed I bought one. Should arrive in about 10 days time.

posted by Andrew on 20:30 - 28/08/02

19th August 2002

Have ordered a new rear bumper as the old one requires several hours of repair work carrying out, and for the cost of a new one, it seems a good idea. Have asked if its possible to have one made in Kevlar rather than GRP as this would be lighter still. Have the option of lightweight GRP which I'll go for if Kevlar is not practical.

Am also considering a new front bumper as the one on the car is non standard, and I prefer the looks of the original.

posted by Andrew on 20:58 - 19/08/02

15th August 2002

Was told about an article in Classic and Sportscar - November 1985 issue, where my car was compared against a Matra Bagheera S. The Montecarlo won the comparison easily! The car was red at this point with a canvas sunroof - the car was originally gold so the external respray was done before then.

Whilst I have photocopied the pages from my fathers collection, I would like my own copy - does anyone have a spare copy?

posted by Andrew on 19:45 - 15/08/02

10th August 2002

Started scraping black hammerite paint from front body compartment to reveal the original gold paint finish underneath. All this will be stripped back to bare metal, primed and repainted. Found a couple of areas where rust had broken through, but all easily repaired.

Emma removed the two Cobra bucket seats, in the process finding out they were actually made of Kevlar rather than the glass fibre I was expecting. She also removed some of the inelegant ducting to the oil cooler and front brakes. The MOMO steering wheel was also treated to a couple of coats of hide food in an attempt to nourish the leather.

A Recaro seat from a Beta VX Coupe was temporarily fitted to the car - these seem to be a better seat for general use, so the kevlar seats are to be used by Tristan in his kit car project (

Removed exhaust manifold which will be beadblasted and then painted with suitable VHT (very high temperature) paint. Silencer will also be preserved with VHT paint.

Currently decided on white with Martini livery (along similar lines to the 037 and Montecarlo Gp. V turbo pictured) - although this may change!

Cost to date, excluding purchase cost: £ 0.00
Time spent working: myself - AGMC 3.0 hours, ELC 1.5 hours, total time - 4.5 hours

actually the Tamiya R/C 037

posted by Andrew on 22:43 - 10/08/02

3rd August 2002

Catalogued various mechanical parts. Seem to have more cylinder heads than I know what to do with - two Montecarlo heads - one with standard carb, the other with a pair of Weber DCNF downdraughts, one ß Coupe and one unknown (casting 4184058). Other goodies include 2 sets of 14" Montecarlo S2 alloys and a CSC exhaust system. One particularly nice item is a brand new original Lancia passenger side rear wing.

Emma decided that the seats that were fitted were too uncomfortable, so these are going to be exchanged for something else - I am considering a pair of Recaro seats from a Beta Coupe VX.

posted by Andrew at 18:50 - 03/08/02


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