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28th September 2004

Exhaust cambox with provision for skew gear driven distributor arrived.

posted by Andrew

23rd September 2004

Ordered a set of wheel arch extensions and front bumper spoiler

posted by Andrew

18th September 2004

Repairs to the body will be commencing any day now. A friend is going to help me. Thankfully the extent of the rust isn't as great as it could have been.

For a while I had been worrying about my distributor drive system. Montecarlos as standard have a distributor driven from the inlet cam, by a skew gear. My cams I hope to use have this gear but the FIAT type of gear isn't compatible. I have the correct gear to fit to the distributor, but this would mean the distributor would be working backwards, meaning the advance mechanism wouldn't work properly.

The solution was to obtain a US specification Lancia Beta exhaust cam box as some of the US cars had a skew gear gunning of the exhaust cam. Because the distributor is being driven from the other side of the cam, it will turn in the correct orientation.

I still plan to replace the points with an Optronic system of some type, and ultimately will go for a distributorless system, but have to save up first!

Other things - I now have a new pair of GRP front wings ready to fit,

I also found a cartoon version of a 037 on Ebay.


posted by Andrew

5th September 2004

Goodwood Revival

Two Lancias racing, the D24 sports-racer and the D50 Formula 1 car. Both driven by Jochen Mass.

posted by Andrew

4th September 2004

Lancia Track Day at Castle Combe

Took the Omicron Lancia Fulvia Sport racer. I think its performance surprised a few Integrales...

posted by Andrew

16th August 2004

Collected the car from the shotblasters. All the paint has been removed, inside and out, top and bottom, although they had trouble with some of the underseal! Apologies for the pictures - they were taken on my mobile phone!


posted by Andrew

15th August 2004

Spent all morning with a wire wheel cleaning up the front and rear hubs. The bearings were OK. All four hubs have now been cleaned, primed and painted. The rear wishbones have also been beadblasted, primed and painted.

posted by Andrew

9th August 2004

The car has been sent for shotblasting

The suspension is completely in pieces, various sections are being cleaned and painted. Thankfully most of the bushes are in good condition, although some will need to be replaced.

posted by Andrew

20th May 2004

Have found a "Pininfarina" window banner.

Also had the clutch disc refurbished. Thats another thing done...

posted by Andrew

10th May 2004

Bought another FlyGB Slot Car, this time in Lancia's pre-Martini swirly livery.

Lancia in Battledress Livery

posted by Andrew

11th May 2004

Got a nice photo of the Monte turbo. Now my PC background...


10th May 2004

Found a 1980 copy of Car and Car Conversions magazine with a track test of the Group 5 Beta Montecarlo Turbo


8th May 2004

My car is now balanced on a bodywork dolly and is about 3' off the ground. The car will be securely fastened to this and then taken to the local shotblasting firm to remove all the paint and moth-eaten metal. Then the repairs will start.

posted by Andrew

9th April 2004

Removed rear section of roll cage.

Removed all four GRP wings. Can see that car has probably had a mild rear offside shunt, as the rear wing was cracked and previously repaired and some of the metalwork underneath was slightly twisted. However, this damage is effectively minor and of little consequence

posted by Andrew

1st April 2004

Collect crankshaft, flywheel, clutch cover and crank pulley from being balanced.

posted by Andrew
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